• Member American Philosophical Association
  • Author of:
    The Challenge of Living, 1983, Ball Publishers. El Reto de Vivir, Spanish Translation Now Available!
    The Psychosocial Aspects of Death and Dying, 1996 by McGraw-Hill (Appleton-Lange Division)
    What Am I Going To Do With Myself When I Die?, 1999 by McGraw-Hill (Appleton-Lange Division) [Currently Sold-Out]. Revised edition coming soon!

  • Former All-American Basketball player (1970), Ohio University
  • 1991 Inducted into the Ohio University Hall of Fame
  • Frequent Speaker at National Funeral Directors Association Annual Conference.

John is available to meet the needs of any group, from an informal luncheon discussion, an inspiring after dinner presentation, or lecture/seminar. His subjects include:

  • The Psychosocial Issues of Death and Dying
  • Normal and Abnormal Grief Responses
  • Children and Grief
  • Understanding Death Through Life’s Transitions
  • A Rationale for Bereavement Aftercare Programs

John Canine has life experiences as a minister, psychotherapist, educator and public speaker. He has 2 Masters Degrees and 2 Doctoral Degrees, however, as he states, “I am still learning.” His greatest reward is “becoming a companion in an individuals grief and assisting them through grief education.”