An Open Letter to Hospice Providers:

We know that as a hospice care provider, you are responsible for managing several core areas of service to your patients and families, one of which is bereavement care. We also understand that this can be difficult to fund within your budget.

Maximum Living Consultants is passionate about serving families in their greatest time of hurt and need, and we have found ways to support hospices’ ability to care for their families while saving them money within their bereavement budget.

For 7 years, we were contracted with a leading hospice center in Florida and received accolades from JCAHP about both the quality and affordability of our services.

On average, we save hospices 25-50% on their bereavement care, and offer unique services detailed in our brochure that we have included with this letter.

As you review your bereavement budget for 2021, I hope to speak with you about saving you money on your bereavement services. We are confident that we can develop a unique,
supportive program that meets your hospice’s needs, and most importantly that is affordable.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. I will look forward to following-up with you soon about how we can support your hospice.